Returning to the Common Market.

David Cameron's speech on Europe today is not just the most defining moment of his Premiership to date but the speech that I believe will lead the Conservatives to outright victory in the 2015 General Election.

I have argued time and again how disgraceful it is that people who have paid their taxes for years have never had a say as regards the EU.

And even those who did only voted for a Common Market.

And that is exactly what it should be.

People are fed up with being told how to run their lives by unelected Brussels bureaucrats, fed up with businesses being held up and sometimes held to ransom by EU directives, and fed up with the actions of the European Court of Human Rights when we have our own legislature called the House of Commons.

Which is exactly why we need change for the better and for businesses alike by returning to the Common Market approach rather than following a road that would only lead to our loss of sovereignty and further dismantling of the British way of life.