Philip Smith returns, as The Pope.

The long-lost National Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political) Philip Smith has returned in a blaze of publicity after doing a Nadine Dorries, before Nadine Dorries.

Smith up-sticks when he announced he was going to India back in August 2012. Sarah-Jane Sewell has remained as CF's one and only National Deputy Leader with all that it entails.

In an article on rival news-site London Spin, Smith returns donning some Asian/Biblical dress. After Philip initially rules himself out of the forthcoming election he thanks his friends in the 'Northern Partnership' for running the project he set up, but doesn't thank Miss Sewell for doing his job or apologise to the Tory Youth membership for his absence.

Smith also glazed over events in the past 12 months and what the future may hold.

It seems a strange old set of affairs that an out-of-touch Deputy Chairman who essentially let down his voters after ducking his duties seems just fine about it all, looking and acting a bit like The Pope. Smith may have some bridges to build.