EXCLUSIVE: Peter Smallwood set to launch bid to become NUS President.

Popular Tory Youth member & Union of Brunel Students Vice-President Peter Smallwood is expected to announce his nomination to lead the National Union of Students (NUS) tonight.

Sources say that Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett will give Peter Smallwood the floor at a Tory event with Owen Patterson MP Tuesday night, in Central London, to make the announcement on his intention to become NUS President.

tbg can also reveal that Peter will launch his manifesto on Wednesday 23rd January at an undisclosed location in Westminster.

Peter Smallwood told tbg - "Tomorrow I will be going to back to my roots, amongst friends, to launch a very important campaign. This journey is bigger than party politics, it's bigger than any single set of views. It's about uniting a movement and tomorrow we begin that work."

Sources have released Smallwoods' statement to tbg. for the electorate - "As many of you know I am running for NUS President. I will be officially declaring my nomination at the Owen Patterson event in central London on 15th January where I hope to see many of you.

"I will be having a official campaign and manifesto launch. This is what I would like you to join me for. Even if you just come for a post work drink!

"I would really appreciate you joining me on this occasion. I'm going into something that’s not natural territory for people like me.

"We need to rally together to build a stronger student movement. Placing students back at it's very heart and getting back to getting the basics. Talkling to the students that have been forgotten and being their voice.

"Join me on the start of this journey."

You can support Peter Smallwood's bid on Facebook.

You can follow Peter on Twitter - @SmallwoodCorner