LGBTQ* in UKIP back bosses after they sack youth chairman over gay marriage.

In an astonishing statement LGBTQ* in UKIP have backed bosses decision to sack it's Youth Chairman Olly Neville.

Emails released by Neville suggest he was cut loose because of his open public support for gay marriage. However, it seems that LGBTQ* in UKIP have called it all a nonsense and say the claims are not true as many in the Party hold the same view as Olly Neville.

In a statement released on social media LGBTQ* in UKIP Chairman Thomas Booker says - "It must be stated that rumour and speculation have quashed the facts of this case, leading many to assume reasons surrounding the NEC’s decision that are not true.

"Firstly, it cannot be true that Olly Neville was removed from office owing to his views on Gay Marriage. Many members and supporters of LGBTQ* in UKIP, some of whom hold positions in the Party, have been public in their personal support for the Government’s proposals, and whilst this conflicts with Party policy, they have neither been removed from office nor have they been reprimanded for their views."

Well thank goodness for that. tbg wonders if any UKIP member in a position within its ranks will express views contrary to Party policy in future?

LGBTQ* in UKIP went on to say - "We are sorry to see some that some members of Young Independence have resigned from office. These members were of exceptional talent and they shall be missed.

"However, no members of the LGBTQ* in UKIP committee are resigning; it is only by staying strong and through tireless work can we make a positive difference".

You can read the full statement on Facebook but will probably have the same reaction as this former member/supporter...