Labour Parliamentary Candidate Compares Falklands to Dale Farm.

A Labour Parliamentary Candidate has remarkably compared Dale Farm Travelers to Falkland Islanders citing that Britain's position is not one of proper legality regards the Falkland Islands.

The comments were on Skuds.org, a blog run by the 2010 Labour Candidate for Horsham.

He said - "Our (UK govt) position seems to be that it doesn’t matter what the legal ownership should be but it is all up to the what the residents want. There may be good arguments on either side, but surely this isn’t one of them.

"Look at it this way. Dale Farm had more than a third of the population of the Falklands at its peak. Should we have just said that it doesn’t matter what the law is, but we should go by the wishes of the residents? Exactly what is the cut-off in size or population for that to happen?"

It is not yet know if Skudder will fight the 2015 seat in Horsham.