Howlett gay marriage pop reveals the YI's not so libertarians.

UKIP'er Alexandra Swann responded to more questioning her Party's gay marriage policy today.

Tory Youth Leader Ben Howlett had a pop at the former CF Deputy Chair', Swann, after joking with sacked YI Chairman Olly Neville about standing in the upcoming young Tory election to which Olly replied - "Should go for it, shake everything up, everyone loves a youth politics storm or so I've learned."

Swann seemed to distance herself with Olly Neville's views that marriage should be freely available for all, creating equal footing in law for relationships gay or straight.

The view that marriage should be available to all regardless of their sexuality is clearly not taken by the supposed 'mainstream' party even though polls show that amongst the under 35's nearly 80% agree this should be the case.

A deeply concerned CF member told tbg - "These comments are clearly anti-Libertarian as she is saying that the state should have a role in who should marry who. That means the state is regulating society. That puts it in conflict with libertarian doctrine. Shows Swann has sailed Olly Neville down the river!"

Though Swann does state, regards #OllyShambles:

Howlett says that CF - "Never sacked their Chairman over policy. Shames democracy really!"



In an exchange with tbg Swann attempted to clarify her personal opinions on gay marriage.