Howlett announces CF election to be held online.

Ben Howlett has told tbg tonight that the Tory Youth election will have an online ballot for this years elections and is urging members and branches to make sure their information is up-to-date.

The announcement comes in an urgent press release by the CF National Chairman to members and branches obtained by this website with important information about upcoming elections.

Ben Howlett says:

"In the run up to the Conservative Future National Executive and Regional Chairman elections in the next few months, I want to let members know that CCHQ is already well under way with the process. They have emailed all CF branches and Senior Conservative Party Associations with a reminder about checking membership records to ensure that all eligible members will receive a ballot.

"As per the CF constitution, the ballot will be open to all members of the Party who are age 30 and under. As per the changes to the system we introduced last year, the election will be conducted again using an online ballot.

"To receive a ballot paper a member must have been a member of the party for 3 months prior to the close of the ballot. This means that they must have joined the party by Saturday 15th December.

"All membership records should therefore have been updated by your association and/or branch by 15th December as requested in the emails already sent out last year.

"Please note, the National CF Executive is not running the elections (for obvious reasons given the fact that some of the National Executive are eligible to re-stand for election).

"Last year it was clear some associations and branches did not update the records (including my own) with an email address, payment confirmation and date of birth. Please make sure you take the opportunity to check prior to the election period that this does not happen to you.

"Three key things your membership record should include to ensure you get a CF election ballot paper:

1. Payment confirmation - membership prior to 15th December
2. A Date of Birth - under the age of 30
3. An email address

"If you would like to check your association and/or branch has the details correct for your membership record, please contact your local CF branch found here: Click Here or your local association found here: Click Here.

"If you have any questions surrounding the ballot then there is an easy email address to contact conservative.future@conservatives.com"