EXCLUSIVE: Tousi shuts down Mahyarism and quits CF.

Influential CF'er and journalist Mahyar Tousi has sensationally quit the Tory Youth brigade and closed down his CF news-site Mahyarism.

Tousi was said to have a bright future in the Tory Youth wing but says he'd had enough of petty back-biting and back-stabbing by his former colleagues.

Tousi was thought to be in the Robinson camp up-until a few days ago when he announced to tbg he's fed up with it all and that ordinary CF members don't get a look in the 'CF bubble' that has been created.

It is rumoured that Mahyar Tousi has been offered a position at The Spectator but tbg can exclusively reveal that Mahyar will now join the team here at theblueguerilla...

Mahyar Tousi has some damning comments on his decision:

"As I have said many times before, CF is a fantastic organisation where members can network, campaign for the Party and improve their political skills. However, there have always been a few in the minority who took it too seriously and betrayed their own friends, and all for what?

They believe their behaviour will help them practice to become good politicians in the future. All I can say to them is good luck.

The CF bubble has always been there, but instead of opening up to all regular hard working members who do not care about these games, they are merely shifting the bubble towards themselves."

"In regards to the elections and endorsements, unfortunately most (not all) of the candidates do not really care about members. They are busy playing politics and plotting against others."