EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader warns 'those that run nasty campaigns often lose'.

Ben Howlett is currently on a 'goodbye CF' tour

Ben Howlett has today broken silence on the recent campaign antics shown by youth members of the Conservative Party, a wing which he Leads and has done as their Chairman for two-terms.

Ben also talks to tbg about his goodbye tour, where he buys his underwear, his love life and who he's backing to become the next Leader of the Tory Youth brigade.

What did you have for breakfast?

"I had a low fat granola yoghurt with strawberry compot, healthy and filling at the same time!"

How's your goodbye tour going? Where next will you set foot?

"My goodbye tour seems to be going well, I've headed to the North West and Wirral to help with Ian Lewis' campaign to oust the Labour Party. Without North West CF's support Ian would have found it even harder to win, so well done to them on the great victory!

"I was also at UCL watching their 7th President since I moved to London debate against Will Hall who has since become a Cllr after being UCL President in my first term. A fantastic branch!

"I am off to Reading and Saffron Walden in the next few weeks as well as attending the South West Regional Conference on 2nd Feb in Dorset seeing all the CF'ers down there. So much fantastic activity is going on its hard to keep up with it.

"It shows where CF have come from, and gone to in the last 2 and a half years!"

"I am doing this trip around the UK to say thank out for all their hard work. It has been a truly amazing experience. As tbg knows, one of my favourite songs is 'the only way is up...'"

What are your opinions regards recent questionable campaign efforts by some CF Chairman candidiates?

"I've seen and personally received much worse, but that's part of politics. If you can't handle what CF'ers throw your way, well, you wait until you start having Labour MPs throw muck at you.

"First piece of advice is ignore it! Second piece of advice is stop reading anonymous comments and third, rise above it.

"Listen, I've put a lot of time into rebuilding this organisation's reputation over the years, I've had a lot of utter rubbish thrown my way over the years, but you get on with the job, because you know you are making a huge difference to the Party, getting more Cllrs elected and more MPs elected in future years.

"Without CF members hard work Boris would have struggled to win, we may be living in a PR electoral system and have even more Lib Dem and Labour Cllrs. I am proud of members' records and I am pleased with what CF has achieved in 2.5 years."

Who are you backing for the top job at CF?

"I do not endorse candidates and I don't disclose my vote. However, I will say those that run nasty campaigns often lose. We ought to remember we are in the same party and take that fight to Labour. My door is always open to any candidate who wants advice."

Where's your fav' place to buy underwear?

"Debenhams do some really good deals in the sales!"

Can we expect Ben Howlett MP in 2015?

"All I can say is that I hope to fight a seat where I can champion core Conservative values of aspiration, bringing back powers from the EU, lower taxes, entrepreneurship and responsibility.

"Janan Ganesh once said to me these were lefty nouns that we should steer clear of. I call those values which underpin the beliefs of the population, these are conservative values and it is our job to ensure the mainstream, centre ground, of public opinion attributes that to the Conservative Party.

"I hope members will join me on the campaign trail if I am lucky enough to be selected to fight a seat in 2015!"

Tea or coffee?

"Tea or a decaf skinny latte from Nero, other brands are available..."

You got a boyfriend?

"You flirt...! I have a wonderful boyfriend who I met at Boris' celebration party, we are very happy together!"