EXCLUSIVE: Tories try to trigger council tax referendum.

Deanley wants to halt outrageous rise

Conservatives in Rochdale will today try to trigger a local Council Tax Referendum. It follows news that the Labour run local council wants to raise council tax by 3.5%.

In an exclusive interview with tbg, Conservative Group Leader Ashley Dearnley said - "The council should have accepted the government's offer to help freeze rates completely for the next two years, which is something we are still pushing for."

However, despite a government minister seemingly pushing for a referendum on Twitter yesterday, the council's Head of Finance says that she will use a loophole in the law to try and prevent the public having a say.

Vicky Crossland's excuse is that its not the council tax that's going up, but the Waste Disposal and Transport Levy instead.

"The legislation which determines how to calculate the relevant basic amount of council tax, excludes the Waste Disposal Levy and the Passenger Transport Levy from the relevant basic amount of council tax calculation."

Councillor Dearnley is having none of it saying - "The public are not interested in convoluted reasons why there will not be a council tax referendum."

"The bottom line is people will have to pay higher rates for fewer services."

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