EXCLUSIVE Sacked UKIP Youth Leader: 'You get more freedom of speech in the Tories than in UKIP'.

Olly Neville was sacked as UKIP Youth Leader by his Party bosses this week, according to emails, seemingly over his support for gay marriage.

In an exclusive interview with theblueguerilla Olly gives us his damning opinions on #OllyShambles. Neville also talks in contrast about UKIP bosses allowing anti-homosexual sentiment from Its representatives, his future in Young Independence and his love for Tango.

"Before we begin can I just use this as an opportunity to say thank you to the huge number of people who have sent me supportive messages, including YI and UKIP members who risked upsetting the party to do so. It has meant so much to me to have such great support and I am so so very grateful to everyone."

What did your stomach start the day with this morning?

"Handful of Frosted Shreddies, a tasty treat and winding up Andy Burnham at the same time."

In your opinion, why did UKIP bosses have you removed as Leader of their Youth Wing?

"Well all I can judge on is the official communications I received from UKIP party chairman Steve Crowther. Upon my dismissal Steve told me it was to do purely with policy issues he had emailed me about in the previous few weeks.

"When I appeared on the World at One and said my personal view was that YI was more socially liberal than the main party and that Equal Marriage was one of the few good things Cameron had done I instantly got a flurry of emails, ranging from telling me off to outright insulting me, from senior party figures.

"I questioned Steve Crowther via email on why Nigel could talk about Drugs and Prostitution and was told 'these views are totally in line with party policy.' Therefore, the only policy I had in any way publicly disagreed with the party on was on Equal Marriage, when I made it clear that it was my view.

"People have tried to claim otherwise but the emails are absolutely unambiguous. My views on Equal Marriage were the problem and why I had to go."

Does the termination of yourself from being able to influence UKIP policy from a position of peer sanctioned status therefore imply that UKIP is far from Libertarian, but is instead willing to stamp out ideas & thought?

"I was delighted to be elected around a month ago. YI had had its highest ever turnout in an election and despite the NEC trying to invalidate the results I was happy with having my vision for YI supported by almost 2/3 of voters, an overwhelming majority and the highest personal mandate given to a YI Chairman ever.

"UKIP doesn't always stamp out people speaking freely, for example Winston McKenzie who likened gay adoption to child abuse or Julia Gasper who compared Homosexuals to paedophiles. However, with the further forcing out of Richard Lowe it seems like UKIP are willing to give a lot more freedom of speech to Social Conservatives and come down a lot harder on Libertarians."

Isn't this just politics, as in, UKIP need the votes of a particular block of voters - and people like yourself stand in the way of UKIP making serious ground in such blocks?

"UKIP repeatedly make statements about being a fresh choice, a breath of fresh air in politics etc. However, I think you may well be right and this is just a cynical political manoever. Increasingly UKIP seems to be targeting more authoritarian and socially conservative voters despite calling themselves libertarian.

I was shocked when Steve Crowther emailed me telling me about how important the Equal Marriage policy is to UKIP. These events I think cruelly display that UKIP is no different from the main parties, in fact I would say it shows that they are possibly even more iron fisted and controlling. You get more freedom of speech in the Tories than in UKIP it seems."

Maybe Libertarians shouldn't join political parties?

"Murray Rothbard, arguably the Father of Anarcho Capitalism argued that even anarchists should join political parties. If you want change and you want to bring in real liberty and freedom then being involved in political parties is a must. Of course the party has to be liberty minded and with liberal tendencies and going at least somewhat in the right direction. I really thought this was UKIP. I was wrong."

What's your favourite fizzy-pop beverage?

"Tango, I am a sucker for cheap advertising."

So, you want to stay in UKIP and run for YI Chairman again?

Amusingly I technically think I am able to. I don't know of any disciplinary action taken against me so I believe I am still eligible. Now that really would upset the apple cart."