EXCLUSIVE: Sarah-Jane Sewell launches bid for second term.

Happy New Year

Conservative Future's one and only Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell has exclusively announced to tbg that she plans to run for a second term in office after hitting the ground running since her election to the National Executive in 2011.

The Tory Youth superstar is the brains behind a drive for fresh members, CF Projets for Movember, 'The Big Tidy Up', not to mention the CF Valentines, Halloween and Christmas parties.

Sarah-Jane also showed her steel in 2012 and stood up to CF Tory to UKIP defectors during Conference season.

Sarah-Jane exclusively told tbg - "I am delighted to have served the members of Conservative Future for the past year, it's been long and hard but successful.

"I do hope I can count on support to help me become re-elected to continue my work with more even bigger and better projects, and to help win and maintain Conservative Council seats this year, help with the Scottish Referendum next year and to ultimately secure a Conservative Majority in 2015."

Sarah's brand new campaign website is now Live.

tbg will say it now - Vote Sarah-Jane Sewell Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Membership).