EXCLUSIVE: Rob Manning launches campaign for CF Deputy Chair' (Political).

North West Regional Chairman Rob Manning has told tbg that he intends to run for Conservative Future Deputy Chairman (Political).

Manning was born and raised in Shropshire, West Midlands with family roots in the South West. Robert studied in the North and is now working in London.

In an exclusive interview with tbg Rob Manning said:

"I have decided to run for the position of National Deputy Chairman Political because I believe that my experience and skills lends itself well to the job. We've seen some great results in the North West whilst I’ve been Regional Chairman and I believe that I can take this and apply it at national level."

"We have a lot of important elections coming up between now and 2015 and CF has a huge role to play in ensuring that we hold our current seats, but also in taking the fight to Labour on the doorstep. I have pledged to visit every region and to work closely with officers, maintaining an open door policy at all times. I have also pledged to further examine ways of ensuring that the hardest campaigners in CF, who work so hard for our Party, get the recognition that they deserve."

"My academic and professional experience on top of my record as Regional Chairman is something that I believe equips me for this role which is why I am asking my fellow CFers to trust me to deliver, and asking everyone to #StandByYourManning"

Robert is basing his bid on his successful time in the North West turning it into he says - "One of the best regions in the country".

Rob says he'lll be leading a "Campaign based on experience and achievement, and I have a huge desire to bring this to the National Executive".

Rob pledges more localism. He wants to "Work closely with regional, area, branch chairmen. Local knows best. Build support in key marginal areas, especially the West Midlands."

Rob has also pledged to campaign in every region during his term and has a real understanding of the Party and campaigning in marginal battlegrounds.

Rob's experience also extends to being Manchester CF Social Secretary, then Treasurer. He stood as a candidate for three consecutive years for Manchester city council. Served on Manchester Conservative Federation for three and a half years. And Served as a member of the North West Conservative Board whilst Regional Chairman.

Rob will son be launching a brand new campaign website. You can follow Rob on Twitter @RobGManning.