EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Wilkinson launches East Midlands CF Chairman bid.

Leicestershire and Rutland Area Chairman Jacob Wilkinson has officially joined the race to succeed James Poland as East Midlands Regional Chairman.

Jacob was recently unanimously re-elected as Leicestershire and Rutland Chairman.

He exclusively told tbg - "I am standing to become Chairman so that I can bring Conservative Future to the heart of each and every local association across our region.

"I am currently working as the Area Chairman in Leicestershire and Rutland and have been involved in Conservative Future since 2008; I believe that I have the experience and attitude to be an effective Chairman for our region carrying on the excellent work which has been carried out by James Poland over the last year."

Jacob has lived in the East Midlands all his life and has received wide ranging support from his bid including Nottingham Area Chairman Luc Chignell, who told tbg - "Jacob is an excellent guy to work with. He’s down-to-earth, approachable and knows how to get the best from CF. He knows that progress isn’t made in committee rooms by self-important executive committees but that it’s made on the street by members.

"It’s important the Regional Chairman for the East Midlands is dynamic, fast-thinking and, above all, has his feet firmly rooted in the membership. After having campaigned with Jacob for several years now I can comfortably say that he has all those qualities. Jacob will be an asset to the East Midlands."

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