EXCLUSIVE: Hayden Walmsley enters West Midlands CF Chairman race.

Deputy Chairman for Nuneaton CF and Secretary to the University of Westminster CF, Hayden Walmsley, has revealed to tbg his intention to stand for Regional Chairman of West Midlands Conservative Future.

Walmsley, an active member of the Conservative Party since he joined in 2009, told tbg - "I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the position of West Midlands Regional CF Chairman."

"I truly believe that the West Midlands Region can be a productive and proactive Region in CF, and I believe that I am able to achieve this.

Hayden revealed to tbg he will be launching an initiative he calls the 'Common Courtesies Checklist' which he says - "Will include my commitment to reply to emails, provide updates and support all branch, and area events and requests where possible. The exact details of this will be released shortly, along with my full manifesto."

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