EXCLUSIVE: Ellie Vesey-Thompson launches CF National Deputy Chairman Membership bid.

Exclusive interview

Activist Ellie Vesey-Thompson has exclusively revealed to tbg her intention to stand for Conservative Future National Deputy Chairman Membership.

The sensational announcement comes as rumours circulate of a Jasmine Rahman lining up a bid to oust the Tory Youths one and only Deputy Chairman, Sarah-Jane Sewell.

In an exclusive interview with tbg Ellie says her focus is on bringing members back "as the central focus".

Ellie says - "Decentralisation is a focus stemming from this in order to establish as much widespread engagement as possible. Flexible availability of support is linked to this too. Well supported Chairmen= membership increase. Well supported members= willing campaigners.

"Creation of professional literature as well as improved Fresher's events to help encourage new members and provide potential for existing members to engage new people. Again all linked to the support.

"Creation and distribution of welcome packs for new members, to help early engagement and contributions."

Ellie Vesey-Thompson has received the endorsement from Claire Perry MP: "I am delighted that Ellie is standing as a candidate at the forthcoming Conservative Future elections. I know that she will do a fantastic job if she is elected as Deputy Chairman (Membership). In her role as CF Chair in the Devizes Constituency, Ellie has reinvigorated the branch, grown membership and organised successful social events. She is a star!"

Visit Ellie's campaign website - www.votevt.wordpress.com

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