EXCLUSIVE: The Curious Case of 'Gavin Cook' & The Tory Youth Smear Campaign.

Tweets & email expose malicious campaign tactics

More Tory Youth election material attacking Oliver Cooper for his 'links' to UKIP have been circulating online for the past 24 hours.

tbg can reveal, with evidence obtained and sources protected, the attack ad email seems to have originated from somebody named as a 'Gavin Cook'.

'Gavin' was busy with his new Twitter account on Sunday night/Monday morning attacking Oliver Cooper and wishing Paul Holmes well in his quest to become Leader of the Tory Youth Brigade.

Today, after London Spin announce they will reveal new attack ads...

Tweets show that 'Gavin Cook' interacted with Paul Holmes and Oliver Cooper, even had time to tweet Louise Mensch, Harry Cole, Guido Fawkes, The Blue Bulletin, DASHTory, The Old Lion, London Spin and tbg. 'He' did not interact with CF Chairman candidate Matt Robinson, who was flirting with Twitter during the same hour, just minutes apart in fact according to the respective time stamps.

Another candidate in the Conservative Future elections who is said to be close to Robinson and signed his 'binding principles' document was using Twitter during the same early hour and also had no interaction with 'Gavin'.

'Gavin Cook' says he didn't want theblueguerilla or London Spin to know that it was his identity that released the latest attack ad in an email to the new start-up blogs, whom said only last week they wouldn't publish such material.


Note the different text size going on. Written as the first person, the first paragraph is a poor slap-dash copy & paste job, from another document or chat-box perhaps? In any case this evidence points toward the wording of the accusations having been prepared elsewhere therefore a possible conspiracy.

The theory as to why this would help Cooper is rather amateur, and muddled as Oliver Cooper has soaked up attack ad after attack ad this month and it has not improved his assumed standing in recent polls of 2nd spot.

How 'Gavin' "got hold" of this attack ad is unclear. However, it is not a forwarded (Fw:) or chain email, which might indicate the attached attack ad file had been uploaded by 'Gavin' from his computer.

All this evidence further indicates dirty tricks campaign tactics in an already explosive race to become the next Leader of the Tory Youth movement.

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