EXCLUSIVE: CF election candidates sign Robinsons' pledge on principles.

A binding agreement has been signed for the Tory Youth election in March

Matt Robinson, Candidate for Chairman of Conservative Future last night, as reported on tbg, signed a pledge on a set of principles. The document was penned by Matt and a number of other candidates standing for different positions, all whom believe the National Executive should adhere to the outlined principles over the next year.

Tory Youth Leader candidate Matt Robinson was joined by Robert Manning, Candidate for Deputy Chairman Political, Sarah-Jane Sewell, the current Deputy Chairman for Membership, and Ben Corbridge, who will be standing for Best Practice Officer to sign the pledge.

Matt Robinson said - "I believe this document presents a vision that puts local delivery at the heart of Conservative Future. Time and time again, we see that the most effective campaigns and social events are those that are organised at a local level by strong branches and areas with committed members.

"Whilst I believe that the National Executive can support new branches in their infancy and help branches and members with training where needed, I do not believe it is our job to replace them and replicate their work.

"It also has to be an absolute priority of the next executive to ensure that, as well as campaigning hard in crucial council elections, we work closely with the Better Together campaign. I believe strongly in preserving the Union and want CF to play a crucial part in the campaign in ensure it happens."

His manifesto is expected to be launched later this week.

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