EXCLUSIVE: Callum Crozier pledges to fight a clean campaign.

North-East will be better off with Callum

North East Conservative Future Chairman candidate Callum Crozier has exclusively pledged on tbg to keep his campaign clean, despite he says - "Candidates around him launching slanderous campaigns full of false allegations and malicious lies - the Conservative Future blogosphere has since been tinted red with dangerous attacks thrown from one corner, to the next."

In a tough & constructive response to recent campaign methods within the Tory Youth wing Callum urged other Conservative Future candidates to do the same and pledge to fight clean.

Speaking exclusively to tbg, he said:

"I feel it is important that we don't lose focus of what really matters in this Election race. Candidates can not go on simply stabbing each other in the back with malicious attack ads and rumours. We have a responsibility as Conservative members to maintain the positive reputation of the Party, and therefore it is of primary importance that such actions as mentioned stop immediately, in order to ensure that we do not do this fantastic organisation any disparagement."

"We need to focus on the issues at hand. The issues which CF members want solutions for today. We can not abandon the welfare of our fellow members simply for personal gain."

Callum, who is Chairman of Hexham Conservative Future, has been a long-serving, committed member of the Conservative Party. His manifesto, which was created in cooperation with senior party volunteers and professionals, is perfectly tailored to tackle all the problematic issues in the North East, and take the region into a great era of success.

Callum is well known for his catchy slogan 'You Can Count on Crozier', and has been reported by various sources to be the favourable candidate.

Candidate for Chairman Paul Holmes and the North-East Chairman candidate, Callum Crozier have both now pledged to fight the election clean. Holmes' pledge was enacted at the start of his campaign back in November.

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