EXCLUSIVE: Crozier warns North East Tories could be 'Entirely Obliterated' in 2015

Callum with Martin Callanan MEP, and Anne-Marie Trevelyan

In an interview with tbg North-East CF Chairman candidate Callum Crozier pointed out 25 Labour MPs, 2 Liberal Democrats, and 2 at-risk Conservatives - "The Conservatives in the North East are at dangerous threat of a complete wipe-out across the region come the 2015 General Election."

If this is to happen Crozier thinks the Tories chances of covering any ground at all in the North East "will be entirely obliterated, with no foothold to make progress from".

The North-East candidate stated - "Conservative Future is going to be a crucial instrument in ensuring the future for the North East is a bright, positive one."

Callum told tbg - "We urgently need to begin working on uniting the region under one strong banner, and working together in one strong mandate for change - to push the Conservative message through every postbox, and to knock on every door, and rouse every mind".

Retaining & gaining Councillors and MPs, "Is not Callum's only priority", says a supporter - "As can be seen throughout his cleverly constructed and varied manifesto, but it is certainly a crucial one".

"Callum's passion and hard work for the North East shines through he should provide the perfect office of leadership to take the region forward", she added.