Cooper refutes smear campaign and accuses Robinson supporting blog.

Oliver Cooper has come out fighting, sensationally accusing OldLion.net of creating and circulating anti-Holmes material that was apparently attached to him & his campaign.

The accusations on Twitter toward the openly Robinson supporting blog are a stern defence to what CF Chairman Howlett called "unwise" campaign tactics. Howlett told tbg - "I think all of us old timers in Conservative Future would say it is unwise to go negative in CF elections".

A tbg independent source from inside Conservative Future said - "I'm aware of the different ongoing campaign activities and Holmes isn't really involved with these games at all. Plus, Cooper is trying to be clean this year but he's easy to attack, that's why it's happening."

It's thought that many in Conservative Future want the negative campaigning to stop as of recently it's dominated since the election turned into a 4 horse race.

UPDATE: 10:44am OldLion.net says they are not behind the Holmes attack ad material.