Conservative Future National Executive announce election timetable.

Conservative Future election nominations will open on Monday February 11th the Tory youth National Executive has announced.

The full timetable is as follows:

Monday 11th February - Opening of nominations
Monday 25th February - Close of nominations at noon
Wednesday 27th February - List of valid candidates published at noon
Friday 1st March - Last time for a candidate to withdraw at 5pm
Monday 4th March - Opening of online ballot
Friday 15th March - Close of online ballot at noon
Friday 15th March - Declaration of ballot at CCHQ at 5pm

The race seems to be hotting up for CF's top job as two recent polls have shown Matt Robinson and Paul Holmes the favourites with Oliver Cooper being squeezed, but could still very much emerge victorious.

[READ] Nomination papers can be downloaded from the website on February 11th.

[READ] UPDATE: Tory Youth national election ballot put back 7 days.