CF members attack London-centric National Executive.

It's an age old problem, or perceived problem that Conservative Future's National Executive is too London-centric and not enough resources or attention is being payed to members and branches elsewhere in the country.

Tory Youth news-blog Mahyarism, with new branding banners courtesy of tbg Media, said It was determined to speak up for hard working "regular" members of the Conservative Future organisation. And did so...

East Midlander Nadim Muslim said - "I’d rather see someone outside London win, or at least with the vision that CF isn't just a London-centric thing and someone who understands that CF works better when organised at a regional level".

Kate Eleanor Jamieson from South West CF said - "The next chairman should be someone who will focus on CF everywhere. CF isn't limited to London".

Deputy Chairman of Dorset Conservative Future Luke Stevens said - "Who ever gets in needs to get about around the country, to continue Howlett’s work in putting CF in the public eye and promoting it."

Irony of course is both London based candidates tbg has spoken to say they also realise this problem with Homes today committing himself to strong regional campaign teams instead of busing London around the country.

And Oliver Cooper who told tbg that - "Members and officers across the country tell me they feel completely disconnected from the national organisation." Cooper says he wants campaign "branches in each and every one of the eighty target seats we (Tories) have to win" - a policy shared by Holmes.

There's no doubt that acknowledging and helping membership nationwide has been the policy of many CF National Chairman over the past decade from the likes of Paul Bristow, Nick Vaughan all the way through to Ben Howlett, so why do CF members still feel neglected?

It seems some outside London maybe waiting on tenterhooks for non-London based Matt Robinson to officially announce his bid for Conservative Future National Chairman.