CF branch development in top 40 target seats almost complete.

Tory Youth Leader Ben Howlett and Deputy Leader Sarah-Jane Sewell have announced plans to set up more new branches on the top 40 target seat list where there are parliamentary candidates.

In a statement released to tbg the duo say:

"Over the last few years the Conservative Future National Executive has supported branch development across the country. With over 180 branches created in the last 2.5 years with Clare Hilley as Deputy Chairman Membership and successor Sarah Jane Sewell we can look back at our record with great pride. During those 2.5 years, we have never set up a branch centrally and we are not going down that path now, but we must ensure we have a branch in every one of our Top 40 target seats.

For those who have set up branches in seats where we do not have sitting Conservative MPs we know how hard it is to set up a branch. However, we have ensured that the majority of the Top 40 target seats already have a branch. In the coming months we will be helping the last couple of associations and new Parliamentary candidates set up CF branches.

We know that without the support of CF in the London Mayoral elections, Boris would have found it even harder to win. Without CFs help for the No to AV campaign, it would have been impossible to campaign, hold street stalls etc. Put simply we cannot win in 2015 in our target seats without CF's support. That is why we are working together to support associations with branch development in the following months.

If you are interested in setting up a branch or to find out more information on the process, please get in touch with Ben Howlett and Sarah Jane Sewell."