Conservative Future blogs opt-in to be gagged.

Zanu CF gagging order received

Three of the start-up CF blogs tbg reported on earlier have been gagged by what The Old Lion dubs the "Thorpe-Apps Agreement".

The Old Lion states it is "An agreement promising to starve future 'attack ads' of publicity for the duration of the Conservative Future elections." Sentiments shared by the author of the document in the email tbg received...

The Old Lion, The Blue Bulletin and Dash Tory have signed up to the agreement that says - "To refrain from publishing any ‘attack ads’, or any poster or slogan which may reasonably be construed as such, until the forthcoming elections have been concluded.

"To take reasonable care in ensuring that published articles are balanced and fair to the parties involved, taking into account all viewpoints expressed."

"To take reasonable care in ensuring that published articles are factually correct and, wherever possible, that the content of all articles be taken from multiple sources."

Firstly tbg would like to say that sometimes things are just a matter of opinion. Opinion doesn't have to be accepted by its consumer in fact it's better that it is not as it provides robust debate which is what makes our democracy and country Great.

This website has never published a false sourced quote or created political material for exclusive use by political camps. tbg is reporting on an election and the comical smears campaign surrounding it. tbg is reporting on future leaders of the youth movement of a political party, which has a very public impact on UK life, so reporting the election is in the public interest.

Care should be taken before allegations are published anywhere in the media. One must be sure the allegations are evidential and present proper questioning and scrutiny about candidates and their political motives, policy and any under handed treacherous skullduggery which leads to an unfair contest, or smears at anytime.

What is terribly bad is the example of the ad attacking Holmes, regards it now supposedly not being from Cooper but circulated as if it were from Cooper and his camp'. It led to an angry exchange on Twitter between two camps. This was a dirty tricks campaign and should not be tolerated (where-ever it originated). Yet if we did not report on this, such campaigns would go on anyway, without the proper scrutiny and publicisation on what are our countrys' young and possibly future leaders.

tbg believes there's nothing actually wrong with any of the posters, it's legitimate campaign material if released honestly by a camp. No contract will block such material in a contest for public office from appearing on tbg.

Maybe candidates or their respective campaign teams should take stock, as tbg merely reports what's going on and is entitled to give opinion.

tbg will continue to inform its readership and make politics fun, interesting and serious. And continue to reveal, expose, scrutinise and promote those wishing to take positions in public office, in the public interest.

tbg reporter Mahyar Tousi had this to say on the issue:

"I don't think implementing regulations on blogs would stop these attack ads, which are the reason a lot of people are not interested in CF anymore.

"If the media refuse to publish them, these attack posters would still circulate in the social media and other platforms. Those who care about the reputation of the Party shouldn't produce such material in the first place to make the news."

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