Ben Howlett National Chairman goodbye tour.

After a successfully completing his two term as Leader of the Tory Youth Brigade, Ben Howlett plans to get back on the train to tour the country again. This time thanking CF members for their hard work & support, visiting as many branches as he can.

In an exclusive statement to tbg Conservative Future National Chairman Ben Howlett said - "Two and a half years ago I embarked on a national tour of CF Branches across the UK, campaigning and attending events with branches from the Fens to Poole, from Liverpool to Colchester.

"My core commitment when members first elected me was to ensure that all branches were given support from the National Executive, that meant campaigns being advertised, events receiving support and for the National Chairman to attend their events.

"As I begin the final few weeks until I hand over to my successor as CF National Chairman, I intend to finish where I began.

"I will be visiting as many CF Branches as I can before my final term concludes in March to say thank you to those people who have made Conservative Future the fantastic organisation it is today; our members."

Howlett begins his tour tomorrow and will be joining North West CF.

Howlett says he wants to - "Encourage as many members as possible who are around the Wirral and the North West to come along to Moreton and Leasowe East where we will be helping Ian Lewis get elected as a local Councillor in this key by-election."

All details about this Action Day can be found here.