Attack ads continue to hamper Cooper campaign.

Mud slinging between leading candidates continues

Oliver Cooper has been the victim of another online viral ad, questioning his relationship with UKIP yet again as the CF election hots up after Mahyar Tousi sensationally quit the Tory Youth wing, citing a "CF bubble" that's putting off ordinary members.

tbg has received this ad its inbox:

The tbg source, whom wished to remain anonymous said:

"Cooper doesn’t seem to think his connections to the UKIP hierarchy are an issue, moreover he seems to be proud of them. Conservative Future needs a leader that will stand up to Farage’s barmy army and win a Tory majority in 2015. It’s hard to imagine Cooper putting up a strong fight when he’s such good friends with so many of them."

Recent polls have shown Oliver Cooper trailing Matt Robinson to become the next Leader of the Tory Youth wing. It is thought that the Robinson camp will try their utmost to keep up the momentum until victory is secured.