Tory MP: 'Sparred with a gay, so can't be a bigot'.

[VIDEO] David 'Tory Tornando' vs. Charles 'Pink Pounder' Jones

Tory MP for Welsh county town Monmouth, David Davies, says David Cameron's plans for same-sex marriage are "barking mad" and that parents "don't want gay children".

After the Tory MP made these astonishing remarks he received much heat online calling him a bigot and other useful terms to describe the obnoxious ignorance shown by some Tory MP's in recent days.

Davies slammed claims he is a bigot and posted a video (above) on Twitter claiming he once trained with gay boxer Charles 'Pink Pounder' Jones.

In another tweet Davies said - "Once fought [a] gay boxer. Respect and like. Trained with [him] after bout so not bigoted. Activists calm down - listen to other view [sic]."

The Welsh MP also claimsteh Tory Party will lose a large number of "very loyal activists" if Camerons' gay marriage bill is passed through the House.