Tory Councillors to debate EU as UKIP close in.

Is UKIP's Hunter-Clarke preparing to take on his former Tory colleagues?

Tory Councillors in Lincolnshire will be debating the EU in the coming hours. A motion proposed by Skegness North County Councillor Mark Smith calls for a referendum on the issue.

A bit of electioneering going on here perhaps?

UKIP have made steady ground in Lincolnshire over the years and earlier this year former Tory Skegness Councillor Robin Hunter-Clarke jumped ship to join them.

Rumour has it that Hunter-Clarke is planning to stand against Mark Smith. However, questions are being raised about the second year students' current effectiveness as a Councillor because Hunter-Clarke apparently spends alot of his time 100 miles away in Chester, where he goes to University.


Tory led Lincolnshire County Council voted overwhelmingly to support a motion calling on David Cameron to agree to a binding referendum on continued membership of the European Union. The motion was supported by Liberal Demovrat and Independent Councillors. It was opposed by Labour.

Skegness Councillor Mark Smith said:

"Today’s EU is a world away from what the British People believed they were signing up for when we joined the Common Market. Only 27% of today’s electorate were eligible to vote in the 1975 referendum. It is time to challenge the conventional wisdom on Europe. This is our country and its future should be ours to decide."

"It is right that Lincolnshire County Council supportst eh call for holding a National Referendum on our continued membership of the European Union, and to remove all doubts this should be sooner rather than later."

[READ] Motion agreed by Council.