Tories want to cap benefits for six years.

Hot on the heels of a You Gov Poll showing strong support for the government's benefits pay cap Grant Shapps is this morning said to be studying the idea of a 1% cap for the next SIX years to be at the heart of the 2015 Conservative Manifesto.

In a sign of the Conservatives wanting to put clear blue water between themselves and Labour a Downing Street source told tbg last night:

"If they win the next election Labour would have to increase Britain's debt by £700 per working household to pay for their policy of uncapped benefits."

"The Government's policy of limiting benefits to one per cent rises at a time when public sector pay is limited to one per cent will save £11 Billion over just three years."

Party Chairman Grant Shapps told tbg - "This government is having to make difficult choices to deal with the deficit and so its fair that when private sector workers are squeezed and we are limiting public sector pay we do the same to benefits as well."

Labour have just responded to the idea.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has said - "George Osborne underestimates the sense of fairness in the British public."

"This is a trap of the Conservatives making and they have fallen into it."