Red Ed's Labour Party donate over £20M to Unions.

So, since Ed Miliband has been Leader of the Labour Party over £20 Million has been donated by the unions amounting to 81% of all income.

This proves that Ed Miliband is not just the Son of Gordon but also in the pockets of the unions.

The same unions who, like Unite's Len McCluskey, called for "civil disobediance" during the London Olympics.

The same unions who called for a National Strike recently.

And the same unions who funded the last Labour Government at the same time as gold reserves were sold at rock bottom prices, the same time as private pension schemes up and down the land were wrecked by economic incompetence, and the same Government that left a culture of welfare dependency that was so deeply ingrained it is still near impossible to shift.

This isn't the actions of a party fit to run Britain but moreover the policies of left wing Marxist union wreckers who's promise to rebuild Britain have about as much credibility a someone offering to re-erect a house that has just been burnt to the ground.