MP's accuse health bosses of neglect.

Peterborough City Hospital costs taxpayer £1m a week and has a £54m deficit

MP's have said that health bosses in Peterborough have been "negligent" in their pursuit and opening of Peterborough City Hospital.

State of the art 611-bed Peterborough City Hospital was opened in November 2010 at a cost of £289 million, funding was provided through the government-backed private finance initiative scheme.

The hospital has seen care costs soar in recent months just as it was about to begin repaying its PFI loan but now faces a deficit of £54 million.

MP's cannot understand why the Department of Health and Peterborough & Stamford Trust did not sell the old Peterborough District Hospital site back in 2007, a site which still stands unused today in the centre of the City.

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson said - "This is the worst report of financial incompetence in NHS that we have seen.

"It is a nightmare that is continuing with the decision to send in more consultants at huge cost to the public purse.

"This should never happen again - it is a financial disaster."

Peterborough & Stamford Hospital trust say they are trying to renegotiate their PFI repayments which have gone up from £30 million a year to around £40 million.