Osborne approval up in economy poll.

You Gov have today also published a survey as regards people's views on the current state of the economy.

24% of people think George Osborne is doing a good job but 53% think he is doing a bad job. On the bright side though the figure of 24% is much better than the 15% posted six months ago.

Among Conservatives voters 65% think he is doing a good job where as only 11% think he is doing a bad job.

When asked who would make the best Chancellor 31% said George Osborne and 25% said Ed Balls.

Interestingly though, even though 5% of Labour voters think Osborne makes a better Chancellor than Balls would, not a single Conservative voter thought that Balls would make a better Chancellor than Osborne.

35% thought the coalition are managing the economy well which is up from 30% a month ago and 58% think the coalition is managing the economy badly compared with 60% a month ago.

Only 24% of people think that if Labour has won the last election the economy would be doing better. 38% think it would be worse.

56% of people think the cuts are necessary compared to 30% who think that they are unnecessary.

And whilst only 26% of people blame the coalition for the cuts, a whopping 37% think that the last Labour Government is to blame.

If this doesn't prove how soft Labour's lead is then nothing will.