Mahyarism embroiled in 'votes-for-positions smear'.

Allegations seem to be proven false

In a sensational twist this afternoon Mahyarism has published a denial that It had been approached by the Holmes|Argyle camp.

It would seem the editor was alleged to have been offered Conservative Future National Executive positions for his support, this has been vehemently denied by the blog.

The editor tells readers - "Mahyarism can confirm that any allegation, suggesting that this blog or the editor have been approached by Holmes|Argyle is a complete falsehood."

The implications of a CF news-site editor being offered positions on the new executive would have certainly raised questions about the validity of some candidates.

As it happens tbg sources this afternoon confirm that - "Allegations made by a CF member is a smear tactic and untrue, it's very clearly orchestrated, malicious & false".

A supporter of the Holmes|Argyle camp also told tbg - "At the end of this the only campaign with a manifesto and any substance is Homes|Argyle, some individuals resort to personal smears."

It would seem the Holmes|Argyle camp is beginning to show their tenacity and steel.