EXCLUSIVE: MacFarlane launches N.Ireland Chairman bid.

tbg can exclusively reveal that South Down and Armagh Conservative Future Chair', Eimhear MacFarlane, is to run for Northern Ireland Regional Chairman.

Macfarlane is a fast rising star in Northern Ireland, the University of Ulster student told tbg she is able to get her message across to separate camps in the politically volatile tribal region of the UK.

"I can reach out to voters on both sides because of my Nationalist, Catholic background so I can reach out to diversify and I've experience with regards to being an Area Chair."

Eimhear has impressed Conservative Future stars across the UK such as Jamie Williams, who appointed her an Honorary member of University of Manchester Conservative Future.

Eimhear MacFarlane is also former Author at Tory Hoose and Author at NI Tory.

Follow Eimhear MacFarlane on Twitter @Eimmyxox.