Liam Fox puts EU pressure on PM.

Liam Fox has today upped the ante as the Tory EU Row drags on.

As exclusively revealed on tbg last week, PM David Cameron is to give Britain a vote on the EU at some point.

That's not enough for Liam Fox though.

The former Defence Secretary told tbg this morning that he wants the Government to adopt a "settled position" on the issue within a year.

Dr Fox is calling for the Tories to adopt a new "Back to the Common Market" slogan in time for the 2015 General Election.

Dr Fox says that public opinion is pointing towards a renewed consensus on the issue of looser ties with the EU and says that - "If the choice is between a looser, more economic relationship and leaving" he would choose to stay put.

tbg's Downing Street mole yesterday said that there was a 50% chance that David Cameron would be making his big EU speech before Christmas and a 50% chance he would do it in the New Year.

Its understood that the Prime Minister wants to stay in the Single Market but cut loose from Brussels over food, fisheries, employment laws and human rights and that once he has sorted out his plans he will put them to a fresh EU Referendum.