Farron launches Tory attack.

Liberal Democrats President Tim Farron is unhappy that the Conservatives are, in his opinion, not hitting the rich hard enough.

In a statement issued last night Farron says that - "I want to make sure that those who have the broadest shoulders, the wealthiest people, pay more."

Mr Farron also accused George Osborne of trying to victimise poor people to reduce their benefits.

With just a couple of days to go before the Autumn Statement George Osborne is today pledging that fairness will be at the heart of economic policy.

The Chancellor says that he wants to strike a balance between the workers and the shirkers so as to ensure that - "There is the fairness for the individual who goes out to work and their next door neighbour who is living a life on benefits."

George Osborne is also preparing to to unveil a £154m crackdown on wealthy companies and rich individuals who dodge tax.