EXCLUSIVE: PM to offer EU vote.

There is fresh speculation today that David Cameron is to offer a referendum after all on Britain's future in the EU.

Yesterday, a source in Downing Street told tbg that voters could get a chance to reject Britain's membership of the EU. The source says that the Prime Minister wants "looser ties" with Brussels and is planning to "put proposals for a renegotiated deal with the EU to a referendum."

The source claims that any 'No Vote' would "effectively" be seen as a demand to quit the EU.

tbg's source says that the Prime Minister is fast coming round to the view that the referendum must have an "out clause" too and its believed that Mr Cameron is set to make a major announcement on the issue "in the coming weeks."

tbg reported yesterday how London Mayor Boris Johnson already has come around to the view of having a renegotiated EU by pointing out how Norway and Switzerland work.

Mr Johnson's comments were today welcomed by tbg writer Geoff Brooking whom says in todays Daily Express - "Boris speaks sense but he has not gone far enough."

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