EXCLUSIVE: Osborne's growth gamble.

tbg can exclusively reveal this morning that George Osborne and the new forthcoming Bank of England governor Mark Carney are seriously considering taking a gamble.

It's understood that they are thinking of scrapping the government's inflation target in a fresh dash for growth.

Whilst the Eurozone stutters and unemployment in the UK falls it's understood that following talks in Europe yesterday Mr Osborne is keen on the idea.

The Chancellor told the Treasury Select Committee before departing for Brussels yesterday that "There is a debate going on."

Its understood that another member of the coalition keen on the idea is Vince Cable. Mr Cable told tbg last night that Mr Carney "had some very interesting ideas."

Ed Balls refused to comment on the idea but the man tipped to replace him as Shadow Chancellor, Alistair Darling, told tbg last night that he too also supports the idea albeit "in principle."