EXCLUSIVE: Matt Robinson set to launch National CF Chairman bid.

That's three, Conservative Future now have an election race

Norther Ireland Regional Chairman Matt Robinson is to run for Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman tbg can exclusively reveal.

Matt joined the Tories in 2007 and says he "is inspired by David Cameron's forward thinking leadership".

Matt Robinson was outspoken against Holmes|Argyle plans for the Tory Youth wing to do away with Regional Chairman on tbg last month saying:

"Any national led commitment to restructure the Regional and Area organisation of Conservative Future should be treated with caution. I have had the opportunity to speak to a handful of Regional Chairmen colleagues, and I share their utter bemusement at why a campaign would commit to such a review without having engaged in a dialogue with the Regional College beforehand"

It is thought Matt has been trying to keep his announcement under-wraps to gain electoral momentum over his main rivals Paul Holmes and James Deighton.