EXCLUSIVE: Leaked YI election smear snaps.

[PHOTO] UKIP Youth in smear uploads

Leaked snaps have emerged online from the Young Independence (YI, the youth wing of UKIP) recent election where Olly Neville was successfully elected leader.

The uploaded snaps show defeated runner Matthew Smiths' campaign manager Lead Enthusiast in a tie next to Harry Aldridge, the previous chairman, donning a burgundy jumper.

The creator of the picture-reel/storyboard has a running commentary which seems to disparage and smear Smiths' camp for "personally contact(ing) everyone" and allegedly told them not to vote for Olly Neville:

"What... you're shitting me...[sic] Olly Nevile is the new YI Chair even though... personally contacted everyone and told them not to vote for him" - the commentary sarcastically proclaims.

According to the storyboard some in the Smith camp had upset some YI members by "badmouthing" his 'rival' colleague for the past "18 months".

Many were pleased to see Olly Neville elected after he ran on the campaign slogan "Join The N[EVOL]UTION".

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