EXCLUSIVE: CF Deputy Candidate in 'votes-for-positions' allegation.

Knives are out in CF race

tbg can exclusively reveal allegations toward a Conservative Future Deputy Chair' Candidate.

tbg source reveals that on Nov 17th during a Holmes|Argyle 'Thank You' party at 1 Monument, London, a Deputy Candidate offered CF members potential new "District Coordinator" positions, which may be appointed centrally if one of the manifestos on offer is implemented in 2013.

tbg source said:

"I overheard a conversation, in which [Deputy Candidate] explicitly telling [Insert CF member] and [Insert CF member] that if they supported the candidate, they would get a position in National CF, regardless of their own election result. The position mentioned was that of 'district coordinator, for any area they choose'.

"It was also mentioned that the CF members have no choice but to support the Candidate, as it has been decided 'by CCHQ' that they are the 'preferred candidate' - it would appear we may have another limited franchise on our hands."

This explosive news comes as James Deighton announced yesterday he would be running for Conservative Future National Chairman.


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