Drug laws 'not fit for purpose'.

A report by the Home Affairs Select Committee is due this coming week focusing on Britain's drugs policy.

tbg can reveal that the report will declare Britain is losing its war on drugs and that the current laws are "not fit for purpose".

One MP on the panel told the Mail on Sunday: "The general view was that the drug laws in Britain are all a bit out-dated. We have a Drugs Act that’s really outlived its usefulness and that really belongs in the 1960s and 1970s.

"It seems to deal with the drugs world as a fairly simple market with a relatively small number of controlled substances out there. But that’s not the case. (We are) fighting a losing battle over drugs policy"

David Cameron used to back legalisation of certain drugs in his early days but isn't so hot on the topic now. Lib Dems are sure to support a review and possible decriminalisation of certain drugs that are currently illegal.

MPs have looked into Cannabis laws being relaxed in the United States in recent months and years, also changes to Portuguese drug possession law, basically decriminalising it, have seen crime rates such as robbery fall and HIV infections decline.

When David Cameron was on the Home Affairs Select Committee panel in 2002, he agreed that the Government should look again at the legalisation of some illegal drugs.