Cooper & Holloway can't beat Holmes on their own.

Cooper is said to be definitely running for CF top job in 2013

Richard Holloway was set to launch his Conservative Future Chairmanship campaign in the new year however, there is now speculation that the influential CF'er may join ranks with Oliver Cooper in a bid to stop the vote splitting and allowing another candidate "in through the back door".

Cooper is said to be launching his campaign in the new year after recent refusals to talk to media outlets about his plans which have led to rife speculation that he and Holloway are in talks.

One Young Tory told tbg - "Holloway & Cooper don't think they can win the CF elections on their own and it may be best to combine the votes against the strong Holmes|Argyle bid".

The Holmes|Argye bid which has been plagued by recent revelations that the campaigns Twitter feed was misleading Conservative Future members over at rival publication London Spin.