Cameron & Osborne protect UK against EU integration.

PM and Chancellor stand up for Britain and safeguard our banks

The EU were up to their usual tricks yesterday but thankfully both the Prime Minister and Chancellor stood up to them.

The Chancellor won a number of safeguards for British banking interests that will stop interference from Brussels.

The Prime Minister said last night that - "Britain won't be part of this banking union and we have properly protected our interests in the single market."

"Britain is not in the Euro, we're not going to join the Euro, so we won't be part of that integration but this change taking place does give us the opportunities to argue for the things that we want in Europe and get a better deal for Britain in Europe."

The Prime Minister is now expected to speak in the new year about the new kind of relationship he wants with the EU.

George Osborne said - "I think this is a bit of a model of the way Britain's future relationship with Europe is going to be."