Cameron kicks his British Bill of Rights 'into the long-grass'.

[PHOTO] There are some concerns over terror extraditions to USA

Remember how a British Bill of Rights was at the heart of the 2010 Conservative Manifesto?

It wasn't so long ago that the Prime Minister was promising to implement it if he wins an outright majority in 2015.

Today though, after a probe by judges that has cost the taxpayer a whopping £700,000 in austere times one MP has accused the PM of trying to kick the matter "into the long grass."

Tory Maverick Peter Bone has told tbg that - "This is all about deep divisions in the coalition" - between Conservatives who want a Bill of Rights and Liberal Democrats who are vehemently against the idea.

Mr Bone tells tbg - "I despair that at a time when we are cutting back on police numbers we can spend £700,000 on a vanity exercise."

"I'm not entirely sure what the point was, when everyone knew their position. I could write a paper on it for fifty quid!".