Cameron backs gay church weddings.

UKIP's Winston McKenzie certainly does not

David Cameron came out, in support of gay church weddings, putting him at odds with some 100 or so Tory backbenchers. Gay marriage has also been strongly opposed by some senior church figures.

David Cameron said yesterday: "Look, I’m in favour of gay marriage because I’m a massive supporter of marriage and I don’t want gay people to be excluded from a great institution.

"But let me be absolutely 100 per cent clear: if there is any church or any synagogue or any mosque that doesn’t want to have a gay marriage, it will not – it absolutely must not – be forced to hold it.

"That is absolutely clear in the legislation. And also let me make clear: this is a free vote for Members of Parliament, but personally I will be supporting it."

Some Tories apparently said the move would 'outrage millions'. This may be true but upsetting those who wish NOT to extend rights to all citizens is a pleasure in itself. Listening to incoherent arguments for the 'sanctity of marriage' is making tbg's foot itch.

Cameron seems to be sticking two fingers up at the UKIP brigade too. Their recent candidate whom came 3rd in a recent by-election in Croydon North attacked homosexuals and claimed it was unhealthy for kids to be brought up in a 'homosexual household'.

tbg has underlined the ignorance for extra umph:

Winston McKenzie said - "There are people out there who bring up their kids encouraging them to believe they are gay themselves".

"If the child is properly heterosexual and they are put in foster homes without any thought or consideration of who they are or what their identity is, that's not right.

"A child might be vehemently against being housed with a gay couple but you wouldn't know until they were older. Placing them with that couple deceives the child.

"If there's no alternative then maybe. If it's a case of being adopted by a gay couple or deportation then what can do you? But if you ask me, I'm not for heterosexual children being adopted by gay couples."

When asked how he would know if a child was gay or heterosexual, Mr McKenzie replied: "I don't want to get into that. It's a touchy subject."

How is it at all coherent to be vehemently against 'gay couple adoption', yet if facing deportation it becomes OK? tbg thought UKIP wanted to deport most ethnics, or at least block their arrival in the first place?

Hate to point out the visually obvious too, but Winston McKenzie is also a black man. This is surely rather outwardly disproving UKIP's mantra that multiculturalism hasn't worked and is a disaster.

Last point, didn't alot of people once think black couples couldn't adopt white children, or even earn money in exchange for labour etc [THOUGHT].