A Labour shower.

On the day when unemployment has fallen by over 80,000, youth unemployment saw its largest drop of all time and figures show that public sector employment is down 128,000 but private sector employment is up 627,000 in the past year, Ed Miliband decided to produce figures at PMQ's showing families would be over £500 worse off after the Chancellors measures last week.

Though the Prime Minister rebuked this claim as Milibands' figures do not include tax allowance increase or include the new Universal Credit.

In fact Chancellor George Osborne, in his Autumn Statement, again increased the salary threshold at which people start paying tax by another £235, to £9,440, increasing take-home pay for millions of individuals and households with a low-income.

So Miliband let that one go and went back to "tax cuts for millionaires" mantra. David Cameron again rebuked the argument and said that the richest are paying more under his Government than at anytime during the 13 years of a Labour Government, and will carry on to do so.

The Chancellor is dragging more higher end earners into top-rate tax brackets and launched a £1 billion 'raid' on the pensions of the super-rich.

The Prime Minister doesn't deny that everyone on benefits and tax credits will be affected by the below inflation 1% rise but says he wants to get the welfare bill under control and make it pay to work.