Tory backbenchers shameful plan to scupper Gay marriage vote.

118 Tory MP's have voiced their concern at the decision by the Prime Minister's plans to legally recognise Gay marriage, sooner rather than later. They say they may abstain or vote against.

The Tory Party, who fundamental foundations lay-upon freedom and the belief that the State should not dictate to and shepherd its citizens now has a third of its Parliamentary Party wanting to block an equality bill on freeing marriage rights for all British Citizens.

Without a doubt David Cameron and George Osborne are right in their unwavering support for Equal/Gay marriage legislation. It is also right that religious institutions are not forced to perform ceremonies if legislation is passed (just as they are not forced to perform heterosexual Unions), the Government is putting forward equal secular marriage law.

There must be an enlightening moment for 118 Tory MP's which enables them to realise all human sexuality is indeed natural and all consenting human sexuality should be celebrated.

Anybody can fall in love and should be able to begin a consenting Union if they so wish.

Opposition from Tory benches even include openly gay MP Conor Burns. Others who have said to have vented their opposition include Cameron loyalist David Jones, Stephen Crabb, Esther McVey, James Wharton, Andrea Leadsom, Simon Burns, John Hayes, Mike Penning, and Andrew Tyrie.