Tories reach out to traditional voters.

A group of 63 Tory MPs are today launching a group today aimed at developing polices for 'blue collar' voters.

The Blue Collar Conservatism group aims to reward aspiration & inspire 'blue collar' voters who work hard, desire socially mobility and take control of their own lives.

The Tory brand is under constant contamination attacks from the Labour Party because it has 'posh boys' in it, but it also has many other diverse groups of people, and this is classic Tory territory. There are singles and families up & down the country that work all day on low/average wages and just scrape by every month and yearn for a better, richer future for themselves independent from the State - The Strivers.

The Telegraph says - "The government’s chief whip, Sir George Young, is backing a new group of Conservative MPs established to reconnect the Tories with working class voters."

Cameron would do well to rediscover his "We back the workers, they back the shirkers" form he was on earlier this year.

Follow the new group on Twitter - @BluCollarTory